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Commercial Tenant Improvement and Tenant Finishing in Overland Park

Whether you’re an established developer or someone approaching your first tenant improvement construction contract, there’s one thing for certain: Overland Park’s potential for commercial development has never been higher.

But becoming a commercial landlord has its risks. It’s hard to know which of the many commercial construction companies in the area to trust. And small delays can trickle down the process, ballooning your budget out of control.

When you need turnkey office fit outs done on time according to your exact specifications, or want to make your first foray into the exciting world of commercial property ownership, know there’s one name in Overland Park to trust: %COMPANY. We have over 15 years of experience as one of Kansas’s premier commercial construction companies, and our work ethic and expertise simply can’t be matched.

What to Expect When Dealing With a Reputable Commercial Tenant Finishing Company

In our years working in the commercial construction industry, we’ve unfortunately seen many hardworking business owners taken advantage of.

New commercial landlords are most vulnerable to scams or inflated estimates by shark contractors. When you deal with Sure-Fire Contracting Inc, every aspect of our tenant improvement construction schedule is provided in writing before we begin, so there’s no unpleasant surprises along the way.

Of course, delays happen, and even the best laid plans can get sidetracked sometimes. But we make a promise to you as your commercial construction company to always keep you informed and in the loop to the best of our ability.

When you deal with a company that puts honesty and integrity at the center of their mission, your experience should go something like this:

Step One: Initial Estimates and First Meetings

When you call Sure-Fire Contracting Inc to set up a new tenant improvement construction schedule, we first meet with you to discuss all relevant details of the property and your budget for your tenant improvement project. You can bring bank documents, measurements, photos, your tenant improvement construction contract you’ve signed with the prospective tenants, and whatever else you think we may need.

Step Two: In-Person Assessment

The next step of the process involves one our trained contractors assessing your property in-person. If your fit out is taking place in an old warehouse that needs extensive work, we may require the services of a trained property inspector.

We will then apply our over 15 years of experience to estimating every aspect of the process, including final details like the commercial painting cost per square foot.

Step Three: Subcontracting and Breaking Ground

Depending on the size of the job required, Sure-Fire Contracting Inc will work alone to get the job done or manage a larger team as the lead contractor. We have industry partners all over the Overland Park area we are happy to recommend, or we can work in tandem with companies you’ve found.

Then, the hard work begins—on time and on budget!

Step Four: Turning the Key

After weeks to months, your new property will be ready for your excited new tenants to move in, with everything according to the tenant improvement construction contract you signed with them.

The hard part is now over, and you get to reap the benefits of a successful office fit out with Overland Park’s best commercial construction company. We can’t wait to help make your commercial real estate dreams a reality. Call us today to get started!